Will Baker Native Plant Garden

The Will Baker Native Plant Garden is a community-based project whose goal is to create and tend an educational and beautiful garden at the Vernon A. Nichols Park in Guinda, Capay Valley, California. The Garden will be open to all residents and visitors.

The Will Baker Native Plant Garden is a project of the Cache Creek Watershed Stakeholders Group, Western Yolo Grange, Yolo County Resource Conservation District, Yolo County Planning and Public Works Department, and community members in and outside the Valley. The Garden is a memorial to Will Baker, longtime local resident, author, UC Davis Professor, farmer, cowboy, and poet. The Capay Valley was fortunate to have the benefit of Will's enthusiastic participation in every aspect of community life.

This native garden project will encompass a half-acre of Nichols Park. It will be established as a "watershed-friendly" demonstration garden featuring native plants and highlighting their utility in rural and home landscapes for wildlife habitat, fire suppression, weed suppression, erosion control, and drought tolerance. The garden will feature plant groupings according to the natural plant communities of the region (dry hills, lowlands, ponds, and streamside) with associated informational displays to inform visitors about the different plants' functions in the watershed and how landowners can use them at home or on the ranch.

This is already a highly collaborative effort and we hope it will become more so. Input is welcome. Contact Sumner Stone at or 530-796-4887 if you would like to add you name to the Garden's email list.

Garden Concept Outline

Garden Plant List

Work Party Photos, 8 February 2009

The following drawings and designs were created by Jack Alderson, volunteer, and they show a draft of the designs for the Nichols Park trail/riparian/Will S. Baker Garden.