Esparto Citizens Advisory Committee

ECAC Role in the Community:  The Esparto Citizens Advisory Committee shall have an opportunity to comment and make recommendations on any issue related to this community and which is being considered for action by the Planning Commission and/or Board of Supervisors. To enable this, all County Departments and Agencies will be encouraged to inform the ECAC immediately upon initiating any activity that my result in action by the Commission or Board.


Meeting Time: Third Tuesday of each month. 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Meeting Location: Esparto Library, Wintun Meeting Room/Esparto Firehouse/Community Services District Meeting Room
Agenda Posting: On the bulletin board outside the Firehouse, 72 hours before regular, and 48 hours before special meetings.
Minutes on File: Esparto Regional Library
Public Notices: Daily Democrat to be notified by Chair week preceding meetings with main agenda items.
Number of Members: Recommended that a maximum of nine members be appointed.
Length of Term: Membership term on the ECAC will be for one year, or until the Board of Supervisors appoints a new Advisory Committee.
Membership Representation: Membership shall be limited to residents within the adopted General Plan Planning Area and Comment Area Boundaries. Furthermore, a majority, but not all, of the membership shall come from within the adopted Planning Area boundary.
Membership Representation: The cultural, economic and ethnic diversity that exists in the community should be represented on the Advisory Committee.


For inquiries, contact Melissa Jordan Chair, at (530) 787-3652

Committee Members:   

Melissa Jordan, Chair
Patrica Harrison, Vice Chair
Giacomo Moris, Secretary
Wayne Belshaw
Tammy Fullerton
Patrick Scribner
Colleen Fescenmeyer