Cache Creek
Watershed Stakeholders Group

Contact Info
Tanya Meyer, Watershed coordinator, Yolo County RCD, (530) 662-2037 ext.114.
Chairperson: Lisa Stallings (Brooks, CA)
Co-chair: Tim Gardes (Guinda, CA).
Paul Robins, Yolo County RCD, (530) 662-2037 ext.116

Area of Focus
Capay Valley - the reach of Cache Creek from Camp Haswell downstream to Capay Dam.

A healthy Cache Creek watershed with balanced uses of the natural environment for human benefit and conservation of local resources.

To enhance and protect watershed resources by bringing together all interested parties in a collaborative process that promotes watershed stewardship through community outreach and cooperative planning and implementation of projects, while respecting public and private property rights.

Non-profit status
The group does not have 501 (c)3 status.

The group is open to anyone who feels they have a stake in the health of the Cache Creek watershed. There are no fees associated with membership.

Issues of Concern
Current issues of concern to the group include: Streambank erosion along Cache Creek and tributaries; eradication and/or management of invasive plants such as Tamarisk, Arundo, and Yellow Starthistle throughout Capay Valley; the effects of mercury in Cache Creek on wildlife and humans; the current permitting system functioning as a hindrance to watershed restoration and management activities.

Identified Goals
Improve bank stability along Cache Creek and its tributaries. Manage invasive riparian plants and restore indigenous riparian plant communities. Monitor and address the movement of mercury in Cache Creek. Since 1996 the group has been engaged in a collaborative process to identify and work towards the accomplishment of the goals above through the following objectives: 1) Develop the Capay Valley Conservation and Restoration Manual, an easy-to-use collection of conservation and restoration practices and project planning guidance for landowners. 2) Conduct a watershed assessment and develop a watershed stewardship action plan. The plan will provide a comprehensive approach to improving watershed health through a better understanding of the watershed and prioritized implementation of conservation and restoration activities. 3) Work with the appropriate agencies to develop an area-wide permit program to allow for the timely implementation of projects defined in the watershed stewardship action plan under a single permit package.

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